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Blackburn noted that they provide "a valuable source of evidence for economic, administrative and political history." Early in the 5th century CE, when Britannia, broadly comprising what is now England and Wales, ceased to be a province of the Roman Empire, the production of coinage effectively came to an end and a non-monetary economy developed.

I selected Trajan as a focus of my Roman collection for several reasons: 1. The celators seem to have hit their peak in this era with magnificently realistic engravings; 2.These were small, gold coins, called scillingas (shillings) in surviving Anglo-Saxon law codes, although they have since been referred to as thrymsas by numismatists.Modelled on coins produced at the same time in Merovingian Francia – geographically the rough equivalent of modern France – these early Anglo-Saxon gold shillings were often inscribed with words borrowed from either Merovingian or Roman coinage, although examples have been found which instead bear such names as those of King Eadbald of Kent, the moneyers Witmen and Pada, or the names of mints in London and Canterbury.His second move as emperor was to send for the Praetorians and Casperius Aelianus who had been involved in the plot against Nerva.They expected a promotion, but when they arrived, Trajan ordered their deaths.

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Several of the commanding Praetorians mutinied against him, and humiliated him.

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