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The hit song “The Time Warp” was written to fill up space, according to co-composer Richard Hartley. The film featured several performers who appeared in The Rocky Horror Show onstage, including Richard O’Brien (Riff-Raff), Nell Campbell (Columbia), Tim Curry (Frank-N-Furter), Patricia Quinn (Magenta), Meat Loaf (Eddie) and Jonathan Adams (Dr. Patricia Quinn sang “Science Fiction Double Feature” in the original London production of The Rocky Horror Show—and she threatened to drop out of the movie when she found out O’Brien would be singing it instead. Although Quinn didn’t sing "Science Fiction Double Feature," her lips were used in the iconic opening number. The clock featured in “The Time Warp” had a real skeleton inside—it sold for 35,000 pounds (about ,000) at auction. Rocky, played by Peter Hinwood, was an underwear model with no acting experience.

All of his speaking lines were cut, and his singing voice was dubbed by singer Trevor White. Richard O’Brien borrowed the famous line “don’t dream it, be it” from the back of a magazine. Set builders forgot to put a door in the laboratory set, so Dr. When Meat Loaf was brought on board to play Eddie, he was disappointed when he found out he wasn’t playing Dr.

There were some rumors of him being dead, but they were all hoaxes only. Hopefully this page will answer some of the more specific questions you may have about Tim. Also keep in mind we are giving the best possible answer we can offer as loyal and dedicated fans – the actual answers/100% fact etc may only be known by Tim himself. He may have a partner but if so there is no public reference to them either from Tim himself or any other source. To be fair, we knew you were hoping we’d answer this at number one. As Tim gets older he has discussed more aspects regarding his early life and some personal insights into his early career – but I’m afraid he remains largely a mystery.No one is sure about Tim’s sexuality apart from Tim himself and that’s the way it should stay. But hey – his professional achievements provide us with plenty to marvel at.He has been very successful in his career and has been living his dream life. According to some sources, he has a wonderful net worth of million dollars, and this proves how successful he has been in his career.It is all his passion and dedication that has made him this rich today. Like everyone does, Tim also has had some really difficult times in his life, and a few years ago he had a stroke, which he was able to survive and get through.

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Based on the hit London musical The Rocky Horror Show, the film featured many of the production’s original stars, including Tim Curry and the show's writer, Richard O' Brien.

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