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A naval cutter was positioned offshore to prevent any of the boatmen escaping.The boatmen's ancestors had the right, under charter, freely to import goods in return for their services as Cinque Port men in providing what had been long recognised as the sole naval defence of the realm.It is referred to as Dela in 1158, and Dale in 1275.The name is the Old English dael meaning 'valley', cognate with the modern English 'dale'.In 1672, a small Naval Yard was established at Deal, providing stores and minor repair facilities.On the site of the yard there is now a building originally used as a semaphore tower linked to London, and later used as a coastguard house, then as a timeball tower, which remains today as a museum of time and communication.

After its wooden structure was destroyed in an 1857 gale, it was replaced by an iron pier in 1864.

From 1861 the complex served as a sizeable Depot for the Royal Marines; latterly it was known in particular for the Royal Marines School of Music, which had moved there in 1930.

The seafront at Deal has been adorned with three separate piers in the town's history.

In 1861 a Royal Marines Depot was established in the town.

The proximity of Deal's shoreline to the notorious Goodwin Sands has made its coastal waters a source of both shelter and danger through the history of sea travel in British waters.

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They originally consisted of adjacent cavalry and infantry barracks (later known as South Barracks), alongside which were separate hospitals for the Army and Navy.

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